Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cruisin' on a Sunday Afternoon

Well they're off! We drove my Mom, Dad and Aunt to the cruise ship on Sunday. Don't they look cute all ready to check their bags and get on board? I am so excited that they have this opportunity to take their very first cruise. Dad just turned 79 a week ago, so it's about time!

I made up cute little goodie bags stuffed with candy, crackers, a journal, gum, extra cards for their digital camera, etc. for each of them and attached tags that I stamped with Rubber Soul stamps. The clouds, ship and Bon Voyage sentiment all come from the same set. Love it!

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clhenry99 said...

How exciting..a cruise! Hope they are having a great time!
My bday is on the 19th!! When is your's?? I love having a Nov. bday!